from by Jeffrey Doker



While our blood's still warm
And our wild hearts are beating on
We'll step into the storm
And say these words before we're gone

And once the crime is through
Before the penance our souls will pay
We'll know every love is true
And we'll live with sorrow but choose to say

I love our desire and I love our despair
And I love our lonely friends
I love the hearts we've broken before
And the ones we'll break again

I love when we lie and I love when we lose
And I love it when we run
I love the Lord and all our devils
And I love everyone

From the time you leave your home
To the time you're destined to return
There's a time to be alone
And a time to love until it burns

From the day your life begins
To the night you rise to the world above
There's a time to forget your sins
And a time to remember what you love

Remember the things you love
And the people that you love
And if you find you want to hate
Something or someone
Find it in your heart to find love anyway

I love our delusions of knowing the world
And I love the dark beyond
I love the ghosts who bring fear to our dreams
And I love when fear is gone

I love when we cry for the beauty and pain
Of the lives for which we sing
I love the sun and the sea and the thunder
And I love everything


from EP, released October 10, 2016


tags: folk Brooklyn


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Jeffrey Doker Brooklyn, New York

Let the great experiment begin.

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