released October 10, 2016

Written and recorded by Jeffrey Doker



all rights reserved


Jeffrey Doker Brooklyn, New York

Let the great experiment begin.

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Track Name: I Never Said I Wasn't A Liar
I never said that I would be true
I never said I knew my desire
I never said I wasn't bad luck for you my baby
I never said I wasn't a liar

I told you that I wasn't a fool
I told you I could build us a fire
I never said I understood the rules of love now baby
I never said I wasn't a liar

For the funny little price of honesty we'll never know
All the pretty truth in all the lies I never told

I never said I wasn't afraid
I never said I wasn't a child
When I let my heart run over to you baby
I never said it wouldn't be wild

For the funny little price of honesty we'll never know
The truth I never told
Track Name: Nightsong
Every night I'll be driving
Till the lights are gone
Chasing the moon down
With the wind in my hair and the radio on
And the needle
You touch to the Nightsong 45
And when you say my name after the last note
Oh, the sound of your voice keeps the feeling inside me alive

So long ago, baby
When you wore my ring
Youth was our promise
I'd teach you to drive if you would teach me to sing
And I sang, and I sang
But I lost you somewhere in the lights
And when I heard my song on the radio
I was driving alone and a little too fast for the night

And you say, where did you go?
I say I don't know
Did you run away?
Were you afraid?
Or have you been here all along,
Circling in time,
Waiting for me to play that old song?

Come out tonight, baby
To the secret place
Fear's just a shadow
If you remember the song will you remember the face?
Ocean Highway
Down below in the blackened sand
There's a rusted out Chevy in the shallows
Look behind the wheel, baby, and you'll understand where I am

But why did you go?
I say, I don't know
Why'd you run away?
Were you afraid?
Or have you been here all along,
Circling in time,
Waiting for me to play your Nightsong?

You're rattling my bones tonight
With the echo of your voice and mine
Love is a lonely road tonight
But ever the sun may hope to rise
Track Name: Wasting
Wasting the weekend
Movies on TV
Wasting with me

Summer is burning
Tides are turning too
I'm wasting with you

And time is ever fading
But these days they never end
And time is never wasted
Wasting with my friend
With my friend

Chasing the future
We're almost seventeen
Chasing a dream

Gold for the sunrise
Silver for the moon
Racing through June

And time is ever fading
And days are mine to lose
But time is never wasted
When I'm wasting it with you

And time is never ending
But time is never free
I hope it wasn't wasted
Wasting here with me
With me

Wasting the summer
It's all I want to do
Wasting with you

And soon we'll be leaving
To find our separate ways
And one day I'll remember
Those wasted summer days
With you
Track Name: ILE
While our blood's still warm
And our wild hearts are beating on
We'll step into the storm
And say these words before we're gone

And once the crime is through
Before the penance our souls will pay
We'll know every love is true
And we'll live with sorrow but choose to say

I love our desire and I love our despair
And I love our lonely friends
I love the hearts we've broken before
And the ones we'll break again

I love when we lie and I love when we lose
And I love it when we run
I love the Lord and all our devils
And I love everyone

From the time you leave your home
To the time you're destined to return
There's a time to be alone
And a time to love until it burns

From the day your life begins
To the night you rise to the world above
There's a time to forget your sins
And a time to remember what you love

Remember the things you love
And the people that you love
And if you find you want to hate
Something or someone
Find it in your heart to find love anyway

I love our delusions of knowing the world
And I love the dark beyond
I love the ghosts who bring fear to our dreams
And I love when fear is gone

I love when we cry for the beauty and pain
Of the lives for which we sing
I love the sun and the sea and the thunder
And I love everything